This is shocking. The prejudice that vegetarians face when dating.


Add one more dating quirk to the list — bad personal hygiene, weird hair, odd habits — when it comes to whittling down the list of available prospects.

A joint survey conducted by the Today show and found that out of 4,000 respondents, nearly 30% of meat eaters said that they would not date a vegetarian. Conversely, only 4% of vegetarians said they would not date those that enjoyed their steaks.

(MORE: Return of the Meat-Eaters: Many Lapsed Vegetarians Become ‘Ethical Omnivores’)

Reasons varied widely. Some meat eaters found it harder to enjoy a meal with their loved one, either for fear of being judged or being able to share in a common interest – like carnivorism – fully. “This is where the relationship happens,” chef and blogger J. Federer told MSNBC about his dating preferences.  “The ability to provide and share food is part of romance…

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